Writing at Lowfield School

Writing is at the heart of our curriculum. Children write in a variety of meaningful and interesting contexts. We provide them with many opportunities to develop their skills using first-hand experiences.

Phonics skills taught, feed directly into the development of writing skills in F2 and Key Stage 1. Children are encouraged to use their phonics knowledge to spell new words.


As children progress through school, they learn to spell the key words as well as significant subject and topic-related words for their year group. In Key Stage 2, the teaching of spelling becomes increasingly focussed on the origins and building blocks of words, which supports the children’s ability to spell more complex words correctly.

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Through SPaG, reading and writing sessions we are creating confident writers.

Across year groups Lowfield Primary School has various writing focussed sessions  in addition to dedicated writing lessons:


  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Grammar

  • Handwriting

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In each year group, we make clear the expectation of correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as neat, legible handwriting.


However, we also value the development of a child’s creative and individual style, so provide lots of opportunities for children to develop a rich vocabulary, which they can apply with confidence and imagination across a range of writing contexts. We support all children to achieve their personal best.

Writing Online

Here are some useful links to online writing resources that you may find helpful.