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At Lowfield Primary School staff offer a range of enrichment opportunities for children across school. Most of these are offered at no cost to parents/carers. The clubs on offer change across the year. Currently clubs are shown below. If your child is interested in joining a club please speak to their class teacher in the first instance. They are accessible every morning, on the school playgrounds from 8:35am until school starts at 8:45am.

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Art Club
Take a look at the amazing work produced during art club. 

art club.JPG

Gardening club have made their own scarecrows to keep the birds away from their plants.

Have you seen them in our garden?

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Children's University

Children’s University (CU) is a universal school-based programme for children between the ages of 5 and 14. It aims to improve children’s aspirations, attainment, and skills by offering learning activities beyond the normal school day.

Children’s University works with learning providers and activity leaders and encourages participation in learning and ‘social action’ activities such as after-school clubs, visits to universities and museums, and volunteering in the community.

The programme is delivered universally and aims to have children complete at least 30 hours of activity per year. Activities are delivered by a variety of approved learning providers, such as museums, theatres and universities. Participation in activities is rewarded through credits, certificates, and a ‘graduation’ event attended by parents.

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