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At Lowfield Primary School, we are extremely passionate and committed to children achieving their full potential in all areas and strands of the Science curriculum. We intend to design a clear and comprehensive curriculum and scheme of work, that is progressive, is in line with the National Curriculum and that delivers appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding in science so that children can reach and exceed their potential. 

 We aim for every child to leave Lowfield Primary School with a range of scientific skills, knowledge and an understanding, and a love of science which they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to develop lifelong learners. The programme of study for science ensures that children have a varied and carefully mapped out science curriculum and it provides the opportunity for progression across the EYFS Early Learning Goal and the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2. This progression is clearly identified through the lesson plans and the progression of skills document.

Our science curriculum provides pupils with an understanding of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge.

Substantive knowledge- is the subject knowledge and explicit vocabulary used to learn about the content.

Disciplinary knowledge– this considers how scientific knowledge originates and is revised. It is through disciplinary knowledge that children gradually become more expert by thinking like a scientist. This is knowing how to collect, use, interpret, understand and evaluate the evidence from scientific processes. 

At Lowfield, planning for each unit of work is mapped against the progression of skills and National Curriculum to ensure that our pupils develop detailed knowledge and skills across the full breadth of the science curriculum. This is enabled through a language rich, engaging and carefully pitched curriculum to every pupil’s needs. The high quality and consistent approach to teaching, that is a feature of our lessons, demonstrates our commitment to attainment in knowledge and skills in writing.

Children will:

  • Enjoy and appreciate a wide range of science experiences that are both purposeful and meaningful.

  • Develop imagination, curiosity, creativity and a thirst and love of science.

  • Develop the structures and interrelated skills of science.

  • Develop a positive attitude to science and the pleasure it offers.

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