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Y5 have been learning all about the Victorians this half-term. We have been finding out about the people who lived in our community during Victorian times using the Census report from 1901. We have been interested to learn all about the different families that lived nearby. We discovered that some households even had domestic servants!


Our Victorian topic was brought to life with a trip to the National Coal Mining Museum. We enjoyed an underground tour of the mine and learnt all about what life was like for miners in Victorian times. We discovered that many Victorian children had to work in the mine instead of going to school. Conditions were very dangerous and they spent many hours working underground. We realised that we are very lucky to go to school rather than be sent to work!


Census _1_.pdf
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History Van

Last week, Year 5 invited the History Van to school to help us finish off our topic of World War 2 with a day of hands-on learning about what it was like to experience the war as a child in Sheffield.  The children took part in an air-raid drill, put out fires (not real, of course!) from incendiary bombs, took refuge in a community shelter and cleaned up their houses after the air-raid was over.  They learned about evacuation to the countryside, how the Sheffield Blitz affected the city’s landscape and even how to translate German and communicate in Morse Code! 

Our day was led by Kathryn, our guest history specialist, who really made the learning come alive.  Here are some photos of the children getting involved.

Kelham Island Visit

Rainforest Visitor

On Monday the 23rd April, Year 5 were visited by Mr Renzo Paladines, who works for Naturaleza y Cultura Internacional (Nature and Culture International).  He gave a presentation to the children about the work his charity does to promote conservation of the Amazon Rainforest.  This linked back to our geography learning from last term. 

Mr Paladines had an attentive audience who were full of questions, and we are very grateful to him for giving up some of his time to visit us, before he returns to Ecuador to continue his important work.

Thornbridge Fun

Despite the snow the Year 5 children were able to go ahead with their action packed residential trip to Thornbridge  They all had a fantastic experience if very tiring!  The snow made it even more exciting.  More pictures to follow soon.

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology this term, Year 5 have been learning about the importance of a healthy diet.  As part of our learning, we have made bread – this drew on a lot of our skills and learning, including reading and maths, and the end result was very tasty indeed!

Peppermint Delights

As part of our Literacy, we have been learning about instruction texts – and what better way than by making Peppermint Creams!  Here are some pictures of us using our culinary skills to make the perfect peppermint paste. 

Now that we have made them, we will be writing a set of instructions for others to do the same – but will theirs taste as good as ours?...

Y5 Victorian Classroom Visit

Y5 have been lucky enough to time-travel back to the Victorian Era and visited the Victorian Classroom at Springfield School. Children experienced life as Victorian scholars, wearing Victorian school clothes, experiencing Victorian lessons and Victorian playtimes. All the children took on Victorian names, and everyone had a role to play with the acting. Some children even had the misfortune of discovering some of the Victorian punishments, including the finger stocks and the cane. Luckily, modern schools don’t use those punishments!

Year 5 Steel Men Sculptures


Y5 have begun their topic on The Victorians with a focus on a Victorian Story: Street Child. It is about a young boy, Jim Jarvis who has a very challenging life and experiences some of the worst things of the Victorian times: child labour, the workhouse, losing his family and a lack of education.

We have written our own versions of chapter one and researched the Victorian times using our new laptops.

See photographs of our trip in the Year 5 gallery.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

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