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Science Trip

Parent Information Summer 2

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Parent Information Summer 1

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Parent Information Spring 2 

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Anglo Saxon D.T. Day

Over the course of the day we researched and designed an Anglo-Saxon artefact. We began by choosing a specific item and found out more about what it was made of, what it was used for and who might have used it. The children sketched their design for their artefacts and used this as their basis for their final creation.

Out and about

At the end of last half term we had a lovely trip to Ewden Water Treatment Centre where we learnt all about the water cycle and how the water treatment plant works. We were also very lucky to have a tour around the actual plant!


Parent Information Spring 1  

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Parent Information Autumn 2  

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Y4 Science

In science, we have been carrying out investigations and experiments using electricity. The children have been making and testing circuits and learning about the benefits and dangers of electricity. Children have used equipment such as bulbs, batteries, wires, buzzers and switches to create their own circuits and have learned about circuit diagrams and troubleshooting skills.

Y4 Geography

In Geography, Y4 have been studying the fascinating country of Mexico.  We have been learning about the physical features of the country such as rivers, mountains, forests and deserts as well as the culture and traditions. All the children will be making nachos this half term and our study of Mexican history will continue next half term.

Y4 Swimming

This term we have begun our swimming sessions at Heeley Baths. Within a few short weeks all children are much more confident and understand that, one day, the skills they are learning might save their life.  This half term the swimming teachers from Swim Sheffield have been focusing on basic pool safety and getting children used to the routines of swimming lessons. Children are taught at their own level but are encouraged to take the next steps towards increased confidence by using floats, armbands and woggles. Many of the children are already swimming independently and all children are thoroughly enjoying their weekly sessions.


Links with a French School

In Y4, we are working with a school in Poitiers in France to set up links between the children in our school and French school. We have exchanged letters with the pupils and will be using our friendship to find out about life in a French school. We will also be applying what we have learned in French lessons so that we develop our written French skills. In the KS2 foyer we have created a friendship wall to celebrate the links between our schools.


Autumn 1 Parent Information

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Summer Term Highlights


Graves Park Cross Country Running Trip

(Linked to our work in Geography, Literacy, PSHE and P.E.)
Year four enjoyed an energetic day in the sunshine. We were so proud of the way the children coped with the intense heat! Although we had to shorten the cross country running course due to the temperature, the children loved running amongst fields, farm animals, geese,  goslings, ponds and flowers. They showed how resilient and determined they are in addition to being supportive and encouraging members of a team.
Year Four Annual Swimming Gala
Thanks to all of the parents who came to cheer along and support all of the children. Once again we witnessed shining examples of personal achievement which showcased how much the children have progressed both in terms of increased confidence levels and swimming ability.
School Games Day Active Lesson - Village Mapping
We decided to create virtual maps to help us to try out the layouts which were designed by the children for our 3D fictional Peak District villages. Y4LS did this by creating a large walk-on map and Y4JH created a street view representation using materials available in the classroom.


Summer 2 Parent Information

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Year 4 Hathersage Trip

Year Four had a lovely day exploring the human and physical geographical features of Hathersage. Despite the weather, we visited the catholic church, had a walk through fields, across bridges, over babbling brooks and finally, wandered through the village centre. To complete our day, we navigated our way back to the playing fields for lunch and sport.


Summer 1 Parent Information

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Y4 Lowfield Museum

Year Four enjoyed creating an invaders museum over the past term. They used the information they had learned about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings to create artefacts, interactive activities and museum labels to display on the day.
Thank you if you visited the museum. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was a great way to bring together and showcase all our history work. They also enjoyed acting as museum guides for Y3 and Y5 classes.



Trip to Weston Park Museum

We had a fantastic trip to Weston Park Museum in March.


The children showed so much interest in the artefacts on exhibit and particularly enjoyed the roleplay opportunties.


We were impressed by the high level of independent enquiry which the children undertook.


Notes were also taken on the organistation and signage of the exhibitions to help us to create our own museum. 


The Lowfield invaders museum will be open on Thursday 30th March from 8:45am to 9:30am and 2:30 to 3:15pm.



Spring 2 Parent Information


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Spring Update

Last term we studied the Anglo Saxons in detail and following research and design sessions, made artefacts for our museum.  We also considered in depth, the need to stay safe online and learned strategies needed to surf the internet safely.


We continued to work really hard in maths, consolidating our in depth understanding of fractions.

To help the children understand about databases and their uses, they had a great time acting as a human data base and used data on Anglo Saxon people, which linked with our work on the roles which people played in Anglo Saxon society.


Earlier in the term, the children enjoyed writing water-based poems, which included Kennings, narrative and descriptive verse.  They were able to write dramatically and with empathy which really impressed.


Parent Information Spring 1

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Look at what Y4 have been up to..


Highlights  of the Autumn term include:
- The Maya Experience day
- Creating and performing play scripts for fables.
- Cooking Mexican nachos
- Making Mayan temples out of clay


Anti -Bullying Week Work

In Y4 we have looked at the impact of negative and positive language.  We considered how comments affect our self image.  In groups, we thought about the types of comments which make us feel bad – then wrote them on a body outline and crumpled it up to convey the impact.

We then repeated this with positive comments and though about how these make us feel strong and important.  The difference between the occasional negative comment and actual bullying was understood.

In addition, the children will remember how words cannot be taken back as we looked at this in terms of not being able to put toothpaste back into its tube once it has been squirted out.


Autumn 2 Parent Information

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Year 4 Topic on Mexico

We have been really busy learning all about Mexico. 

Here we see the children innovating the work of Mexican landscape artist Xavier Castellanos.  We researched his work and produced our own designs based on this.  Now the children are transferring their designs onto their own canvas boards, prior to adding colour.

In addition, we have developed our presentation skills by being reporters based in our ‘Mexico City green room’.

Look out for Nachos coming home next term!

Autumn 1 Parents Information

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Hathersage Trip

We had a fantastic time when we visited Hathersage to look at the features of a Peak District village.  Despite a very rainy afternoon, our spirits weren't dampened as we enjoyed each other's company playing in the play area.

Swimming Gala

In June, the Y4 children did themselves proud as they took part in our school's first ever swimming gala.  This is also the first time the school swimming service has been involved in an event like this and has decided to incorporate galas into their swimming programmes in the future. 
Thanks to all those parents who walked down with us to cheer the children on.  This was an emotional occasion because each child tried their best and everyone encouraged each other.  Effort and personal achievement were acknowledged throughout.

Summer 2 Parents Information

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Year 4 Graves Park Trip

Year 4 enjoyed a fun and energetic day at Graves Park.   We loved the opportunity to do cross country running through beautiful, animal-filled fields, past duck-filled ponds and flower-filled gardens!

Edale Mountain Rescue Visit

Ian from Edale Mountain Rescue cam to visit Y4 to tell us all about how this charity is run by the volunteers who rescue and help people in the Peak District.


He brought along some of the equipment which is used and allowed the children to try it out.  This will help the children when they write their reports about a rescue in the Peak District.


Summer 1 Parents Information

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Spring 2 Parents Information

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Spring 1 Parents Information

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Music and Singing Courses

If you would like to enrol your child on one of the following music and singing courses see the following documents.

Jazz and Rock Holiday Course.pdf
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Music hub Holiday course.pdf
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Autumn 2 News


Life in Year 4 this half term


Well, we’ve been busy yet again!


The children have really enjoyed learning about Aesop’s fables. Working out the morals was interesting and we have applied them to everyday events rather effectively – especially the moral of the Shepherd and the Wolf! We also wrote postcards from one fable character to another, imagining what they would say. This work involved a big focus on learning to use correct speech punctuation in writing.


All children have now baked the corn bread, written recipes and tasted their work! We hope you enjoyed tasting this somewhat unusual food from a different country.


Linked to our topic on the Maya, we have been researching the structure of Mayan temples and comparing them with the structures designed by other architects, such as famous towers and bridges. This research will lead onto the children making clay temples and linking with their knowledge of square numbers.

Autumn 2 Parents Information

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Autumn 1 


This term we have been busy learning all about Mexico.
The children have been using deduction to work out what the Mexican artefacts could be, and who in Mexico might use them.  Children filmed themselves using the ipads to analyse and improve their presentation skills.  This helped them to improve the quality of their writing by using a range of sentence types.
Children also used the new laptops to research aspects of Mexican lifestyle in Guided Reading.

Your children are so brave and determined!  They have conquered their fears, if they had any, and impressed the swiming staff with their positive attitudes and perserverance!


Thanks for sending the children with the correct kit - as well as the odd packet of biscuits.


Best wishes the Y4 team and pupils!

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Autumn 1 

Hello from Y4!

We are really looking forward to working with your children this year. They have already shown themselves to be a helpful, friendly and hard-working group of children.

Please see the newsletter for information about swimming, PE, times tables and reading. There is also an explanation of which aspects of the curriculum are being covered this half term.

The significant thing to mention is the importance we place on the children increasingly taking responsibility for their learning. This is particularly vital for their learning of times tables and their progress in reading. In addition, where possible, we try to give the children choices about which aspects of an area of learning they would like to explore in more detail.

Please ask one of the Y4 team if you have any queries at any time.

Warm Regards

Jo Hollands, Leigh-Anne Schofield, Qasim Rauf, Debbie Harrison

Autumn 1 Parent Information

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Summer 2 Parent Information

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Summer 1 Parent Information

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Spring 2 Parent Information

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Spring 1 Parent Information

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Getting the measure of it!

Y4 have been developing their understanding of measures.

Children compared the height measurements of the outlines of different sized people.





Initially, this involved estimating the heights with increasing accuracy, based on experience.

The children then converted measurements, first from millimetres to centimetres, and then from centimetres to metres.

They were then able toproduce bar charts to present the information using different scales.

In addition, the children worked in small groups to design their own measuring investigations.

Y4 Maths

In maths we have been learning new mathematical terms. We have been sorting 2D shapes into sets of regular/ irregular polygons.

We then studied the properties of 3D shapes and learned to identify polyhedrons and tetrahedrons.

We have carried out some impressive work, by proving (or trying to disprove) Euler’s Formula:

  F + V – E = 2

Faces + Vertices – Edges = 2

Try it for yourself!

In golden time we made polyhedrons using straws and blu tack. It was a tricky business but the results were impressive, due to the determined efforts of the group.


Welcome to Y4!
We are excited about the new year that lies ahead of us.
We endeavour to make our lessons as cross curricular and engaging as possible as we feel this provides the children with a more rounded, meaningful learning experience. This term we are studying Mexico and the Mayan civilization, so we will be linking a lot of our learning to this area. E.g. exploring a healthy Mexican diet in science, and writing instructions for making a burrito in Literacy.
The children are excited about the start of their upcoming swimming lessons at Heeley Pool. Please make sure your child brings suitable swimming kit, towel and bag. They must wear a waterproof coat on swimming day (Tuesday) as some days are likely to be wet.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us after school.
Best Wishes,
Simon Cotton, Jo Hollands, Teresa Kay

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

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Attendance & Punctuality

School starts at 8:45am

School finishes 3:15pm

School Holidays

Term Dates 2017-2018
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