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Year 3

Parent Information Spring 1

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Parent Information Autumn 2

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Stone Age Exploration

We followed in the footsteps of Stone Age people when we hunted and gathered our food, built shelters and discovered how to make fire. We became archaeologists when we looked at evidence of Stone Age life through cave paintings. We really got to grips with the understanding of what evidence is, by solving an artefact mystery. 

We also practised our sewing skillls by embellishing pieces of fabric. These were then sewn together to make  fashionable Stone Age outfits!

Parent Information Autumn 1

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We did some 'Plantastic' work last half term, linking many areas of the curriculum!

Based on their scientific knowledge of plants, the children designed their own 'Fantastical' plants and wrote to a garden centre in the hope that their seeds would be engineered. We followed up this persuasive writing when the children designed yoghurt pot adverts for the yoghurt they designed and made in class, focussing on the health content of their food.
Choosing a preferred artist's style, we first practised drawing, then painted, following then developing colour choices and techniques. What amazing results!
The children also challenged scientific theory by testing the conditions that plants need in order to survive. In addition, they used dyed water to observe how water is transported through plants and turned white flowers into colourful ones. Science - not magic! 
See some more of our photos in the gallery above!


Parent Information Summer 2

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Parent Information Summer 1

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We wrote dragon-themed poems to get our creative juices flowing. This led on to the children writing fantastic stories based on our class reading texts:  George and the Dragon and The Boy Who Grew Dragons. We also explored data bases by sorting dragons according to different criteria.

Romans week involved exploring the Boudicca/ Romans battle in depth, which developed the children’s empathy with an event in the past. In addition to the taught sessions on different aspects of Roman Britain, groups carried out their own research on an area of particular interest to them, and practised their presenting skills by feeding their reports back to the rest of the class.

The dinosaur and shell fossils we made effectively followed on from our science work on rocks and fossils. Children can paint these at home or in golden time or leave them to look more natural.


We researched France to help an imaginary French family learn more about their country - other than the city in which they live – Paris.

We produced reports with a ‘showstopper’ feature page and advised the family as to what they might like to see if they ventured beyond Paris.

The topic culminated in a French Café session, in which the children sampled a range of the food they had learned about.

We loved our visit to Madina Masjid Mosque as it allowed the children to link their learning in school with community life, especially for those who do not visit a mosque regularly.

Parent Information Spring 2

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Parent Information Spring 1

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Highlights of a busy half term!

The children looked at play scripts, centred on the story of Hansel and Gretel.
This culminated in each producing a script for one scene, before then creating a final scene, which has never been written before. Following this, the children imagined and wrote about their own Gingerbread Houses then painted them following their descriptions carefully.
In DT, we designed cranes to retrieve the car from Stig's dump, which incorporated our science work on magnets. In doing so, they also extended their knowledge of mass, by exploring the concept of balance through weights and counterweights.


Parent Information Autumn 2

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Trip to Cresswell Crags

The children searched a cave, with a real cave woman, to discover the different hunting tools and objects that Stone Age people used. Then they tracked various animals that were found in the area 10,000 years age such as wolves, reindeer, woolly rhino and bears. After tracking and catching a reindeer, the children started a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together so they could cook their lunch. Finally, they became archaeologists to uncover artefacts left buried in the ground.  See our pictures in the gallery.

Welcome to Year 3

We welcome the new children, parents and carers to Year 3.
The children have settled really well and have got off to a flying start!
Please see the attached newsletter for information about this half term, but note particularly, the meeting for parents and carers of Year 3 children. This will be on Tuesday 18th September at 2.30pm in Y3 JH classroom for you to find out more about life in KS2 and Y3 in particular.
We are looking forward to working with you this year.
Best wishes,
The Y3 team.

Parent Newsletters Autumn 1 2018

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Botanical Garden Trip

Last half term, we took the Y3 children to the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. They had the chance to see some amazing plants that enabled them to design fantastical plants of their own.

They then wrote letters to ‘Mrs Berry’, who manages a seed production factory, to persuade her to manufacture seeds which would grow into the plant they designed.

In science, we grew a range of seeds, investigated what plants need in order to survive and studied the functions of different parts of a plant.

Studying artists who loved to paint flowers, such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh and Marianne North, allowed the children to work in the style of a famous artist. The pictures show the children developing a painting by following colour schemes and shapes, then creatively expanding them.


Parent Information Summer 2

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Year 3 Fun

We have been busy in Y3 this half term, from fighting dragons in our literacy lessons to digging deep to find the hidden remains of a long lost civilisation. We recreated the fossilisation process in one afternoon, which normally takes millions of years. Look at the fossil tiles we made and incorporated into a colourful mosaic. On one day, we even became Roman generals and Celtic warriors!

Summer 1 Parent Information


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Spring 2 Parent Information


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We have been learning all about France this half term.  We had a french cafe where we were able to sample a range of french food.



Spring 1 Parent Information


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Autumn 2 Parent Information


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Life in the Stoneage

Y3JH designed an experiment to find out if they could get colour from fruit and charcoal to use for cave paintings. They then used rock powders to see if they could make colours with them. They successfully made black, brown, beige and grey by mixing the powder with a gluey water. This ‘paint’ was then used to colour their own cave paintings, which were finished off with charcoal detail.

Y3AM have created a herd of Stone Age mammoths using milk cartons and collage materials, so although they became extinct thousands of years ago, you may still see some roaming around!

In Maths, we have done lots of work on place value, addition and subtraction. We have explored variation by using one fact to work out lots more facts! We have been focussing on explaining our mathematical strategies and conjectures.

Look out for pictures from our Stone Age Experience Day…to follow.


Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to your child’s new class!

Class teachers in Y3 are Andy McCready and Jo Hollands. Teaching assistants are Lisa Burley in Y3AM and Michelle Montgomery in Y3JH.

Our work this half term is based around Life in Stone Age Times and we will link as many areas of learning as possible around that theme in order to make the children’s understanding of different subjects meaningful and relevant.

If you have any questions at any time, please take the time to see us.

Please click on the newsletter for more information about this half term.

Autumn 1 Parent Information


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Gully Meadows Trip

On Monday 12th June Y3 went on a trip to a local wild flower habitat called Gully’s Meadow. We took part in five different nature based activities with help from the Woodland Rangers.

We used binoculars for bird watching, giant nets to sweep for mini-beasts and hammers to create art by leaf bashing. The trip was great fun!

Summer 2 Parent Information


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Road Safety

This week we had a visit from the Road Safety Officer who taught the children how to stay safe near roads. We learned the 5 rules for crossing a road safely rules, which are :
1. Stop
2. Look
3. Listen
4. Think
5. Hold hands
Some of our children dressed up to help us remember the golden rules. Our children had a great time learning how to stay safe when crossing the road and everyone got to practise their skills..



Visit From Joe Scarborough 

In Y3 we have been studying the work of different artists. This week we invited in local artist, Joe Scarborough, to talk to our classes about his life and his art. Afterwards, the children had an opportunity to create their own picture in his style, focusing on bold colour choices and attractive tone combinations. The children all had a great afternoon and we thank Mr Scarborough for his time.


Year 3 Local Visits

Here are some photos from the Y3 visit to the local area. The pupils enjoyed using the playground equipment in our two local parks to investigate forces in action. As you can see there were plenty of pushes and pulls on display for us to discuss!


We were lucky enough to have warm sunny weather all morning as we explored the area around the school, discussing land use and building types.   


Autumn 1 Parents Information

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Summer 2 Parents Information

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 Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Y3 have been learning about plants as part of our science topic. In literacy, we set up our own seed companies and have written reports about imagined magical plants that we grew after a mysterious package of seeds was sent to our school.  We wrote letters to companies to ask for seeds and the mystery package gave us more than we bargained for!  We also produced seed packets and posters to tell people about our magical plants, investigating and using marketing skills to attract customers.


We finished our topic off with a wonderful treasure  hunt in the Botanical Gardens.  The children were divided into 5 groups and had to use maps to find 10 objects, building, plants and sculptures in the gardens.  We also used iPads to collect images as part of our treasure hunt.  The children and grown-ups had a delicious ice cream before we came back and everyone agreed that it was a great day out.  We will be writing recounts so we remember our special day out.


Summer 1 Parents Information

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Spring 2 Parents Information

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Music and Singing Courses

See the documents for more information on how you can enrol your child on one of the following music and singing courses.

Jazz and Rock Holiday Course.pdf
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Autumn 2 Parents News

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The Stone Age​

In year 3 we have been learning all about the Stone Age. Both classes have created a modern three course menu using ingredients that Stone Age people would have used.  We also used our knowledge of Stone Age art to create an art gallery. We have loved finding out about the Stone Age people who lived in Britain thousands of years ago. We hope you enjoy looking at our work.


In Year 3 we have been learning about cycling and how it benefits the environment and why it is a good idea for people to use bikes. Every child wrote a report about bikes. We did research using books, the internet and video clips. We then made notes which we used to create our reports.


We studied the features of a report and used a checklist to make sure that we used the features correctly. Our reports contained the following sections

  • Contents page

  • Introduction

  • Bike safety

  • History of bikes

  • Benefits of bikes

  • Glossary

Cycling is a really interesting topic and our finished work is on display in our Key Stage 2 entrance hall at school. We also have an identical display in the school library. 

In Y3SC we worked as a team of poets to write this Autumn poem.  It includes a range of expressive Autumn language and it rhymes.



Orange leaves flying in the fresh air,

Sharp twigs snapping everywhere

Old grumpy trees feeling tired,

Falling wet leaves have retired

Booming fireworks shooting in the sky,

Fiery bonfire flames swirling up high

Toffee apples munched by joyful children,

Nocturnal creatures hide in cosy dens

Blood sucking vampires knocking on doors, 

Zombie-like adults fall to the floor!

Creepy bats swoop out of sight,

Wolves howl in the moon light


In Y3RG we have been learning about simile poems and we have written a class poem together to describe a mystical scene. We hope that you like it.


The Howling Moon

The mysterious wolf calls to the shimmering moon.

As the wind rushes by, it carries the howl across the silent heavens.

Like sharp, sparkling diamonds, the stars illuminate the sky.

The mist curls around the trees like the remains of a dead ghost.

Two gigantic snowballs have been thrown into space.



Y3RG’s Simile Poem

As . . .

Amazing as Mr Green’s magic tricks

Beautiful as Isteqlal’s doll

Crazy as a clown

Dark as midnight

Enormous as a T-rex

Fat as an elephant

Green as grass

Happy as Mr Goddard

Interesting as Harry Potter

Jumpy as a kangaroo

Kind as Mrs Kilby

Loud as thunder

Mean as Moody Margaret

Naughty as Horrid Henry

Orange as autumn leaves

Pink as a pig

Quick as Usain Bolt

Rare as gold

Slithery as a snake

Tiny as an insect

Ugly as Mrs Twit

Vicious as a Bartolomej’s dog

Wobbly as a jellyfish

X-factory as Lowfield’s Got Talent

Yummy as a chocolate brownie

Zingy as a lemon

Autumn 1 2015

We hope you had a peaceful and relaxing break over the summer holidays.  The start of a new term is really exciting and we look forward to helping your child make a smooth transition into Key Stage 2.


There are lots of new routines to learn for the first time we now have a teaching assistant working in every classroom so there will be additional support on hand.  In Year 3, we also have a school based student, Miss Hill, working with us for the academic year which will increase the adult ratio even further.

During this term we will be working with the children to help them become more independent and purposeful learners.  Every child has a job to do within the classroom and the focus on teamwork and helping each other is an ongoing theme throughout the year. The first term of the school year really goes quickly so we aim to make every lesson count as we continue to develop our teaching within the new curriculum.


Mr Cotton, Mr Green, Miss Hill, Miss Burley and Mr Holland.

Parents overview

Autumn 1

Year 3 Newsletter Autumn 1 2015-2016.pdf
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Parents overview

Summer 2

Year 3 Newsletter Summer 2 term 2015.pdf
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Summer 2 2015

In Year 3, we have been learning about different plants and what they need to help them to grow. Each class conducted an experiment to find the best conditions for a seed to grow, and found that a generous amount of sunlight and giving the plant a small amount of water each day helped the plant to become tall and healthy. 

This term we went on a trip to the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, where we spent time exploring the gardens and discovering different plants. We spent time looking at lots of exotic plants, such as cacti and a beautiful Bird of Paradise flower! We also did a treasure hunt in teams where we had to find different landmarks, statues and even a BEAR! It was a tiring but fun day and we ended the day with an ice cream in the sunshine.

Here’s what some of the children had to say about the trip:

‘My favourite part was doing the treasure hunt. I liked it because we could explore.’ – Abdul

‘I liked the Bird of Paradise plant because it was bright and colourful.’ – Aamina

‘My favourite thing was the treasure hunt because we found interesting plants and flowers.’ – Marya

‘My favourite part was scaring Mr Akram’s group because Mr Akram went ‘Aarghhhhh!’ when he saw the bear.’ – Hajrah

‘My favourite part was going to the bronze bear statue because Miss Fray’s group scared us and we thought it was a real bear!’ – Sami

‘I liked when we ate the ice cream it was yummy and it was fun doing the treasure hunt.’ – Hajira

‘I like the hunt because it involved map reading.’ – Mustafa

‘My favourite part was the pond because we saw some tadpoles.’ - Nadir

Summer Term

In the Summer term, local artist Joe Scarborough visited Y3. He talked about his life as an artist and about the things that inspire him to paint. The children then worked with Mr Scarborough to colour in a drawing that he had given them. The children had a great time and learned a lot about colour selection and artistic techniques. Here are some photos of our time with Mr Scarborough.


Summer 1

This term, Year 3 have been earning about life in Ancient Britain, exploring the daily habits of the Celtic people, as well as finding out about the Roman invasion of Britain.

Did you know, although there were 10,000 Roman soldiers and a massive 100,000 Celt tribespeople fighting over the British land, the Romans were more organised and better trained so were able to defeat the Celts!

We have been undertaking some research about the Celts and Romans, writing newspaper reports retelling the dramatic events of the battle as well as practising letter writing and postcard skills too. We have also created some clay thumb pots using designs found in archaeological discoveries of Roman pottery.

Later in this term we will be finding out about how Romans have changed our lives and how they have affected us, as well as learning about Roman numbers and traditions. At the end of this topic we will be working in teams to create group presentations of facts we have found about the Romans.

Please look at our work on display in the school library and around the Year 3 base.

Spring 2 Parent Information

Year 3 Spring 2 Newsletter 2015.pdf
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In Y3RG we have been finding out about France. One of the regions that we looked at is the Alps.

We used our senses and imagination to write a class poem about what it would be like to be in the mountains.

In The Mountains

Snow falls like rice on the shivering animals.

It covers the mysterious mountains like a white carpet.

In the valley below, people scurry like ants.

Soft clouds cover the frozen peaks in a magical way.

Y3RG Alphabet of Similes

As . . .

Ancient as Egypt

Balancing as an acrobat

Crazy as a clown

Dirty as dung

Evil as a dalek

Fantastic as Mr Fox

Glowing as a candle

Happy as a birthday girl

Identical as a twin

Jumpy as a kangaroo

Knowledgeable as a scientist

Lucky as the Queen

Magical as Mr Green’s tricks

Nasty as a dragon

Obnoxious as 2000 trolls

Popular as an i-phone 6

Quick as a cheetah

Round as a wheel

Scary as sky diving

Tall as a giraffe on stilts

Ugly as the Twit family

Veiny as John Cena

Wet as the Peace Gardens fountains

eXciting as Disneyland

Yucky as mushy peas

Zoomy as a spaceship

In Y3RG the children have written a snowball poem where each line has one more word than the previous one. In some ways it is easy because you know how many words to write, but in other ways it is hard because you really have to think about each sentence carefully.



Very friendly.

Cats eat fish.

They love tiny mice.

Most sleep on the sofa.

By Ali, Bethany, Aaliyaah, Franck, Rawhatul and Srihaan.




Long eyelashes.

Caramel coloured creature.

The hot sand burning.

People ride camels in deserts.

By Jennifer, Nadir, Aleesha, Bakari and Estella.


At the seaside


Delicious ice-cream.

Shiny blue water.

Happy, excited people playing.

The sun shining on everyone.

ByMeesam, Danyaal.Igor, Hafsa, Romeo and Franck.



Wicked strike.

Good defending, Pepe.

What a save, Casillas.

Great shot by Lionel Messi.

By Mustafa, Aadil, Abir, James, Kamer andAl Mahdi.

Spring 1 Parent Information

Year 3 Parents Newsletter.pdf
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Spring 1

Bonjour! In Year 3, we have enjoyed learning French and this term we have been finding out some fantastic facts about France! We have been finding out about where France is on a world map, how different areas of France are different to Sheffield, as well as discovering lots of interesting places to visit in Paris!

We have been writing up our research into information leaflets (which will be on display in the KS2 foyer soon), selecting our most interesting facts and pictures.

Here are some of Y3JW’s favourite France facts.

Did you know…

Hassan: Notre Dame Cathedral took 200 years to build!

Fatimah: The Eiffel Tower is 324m high!

Avais: France is surrounded by 6 countries – Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Marya: Nearly 61 million people live in France today.

Abdul: There are 400 types of cheese in France!

This term in Literacy, Year 3 have been learning about speech and dialogue and how it differs between stories and plays. On Friday 14th November Y3JW had their class assembly and were able to present some of their work and even perform a short play based on Aesop’s fable ‘The Fox and the Goat.’  They had lots of fun and worked hard to use big voices!

Since it was Children in Need Day, we had lots of superheroes to help us out too! A big thank you to the parents that attended and to Mr Akram for making an amazing model well for the play!

In Y3RG we have been learning about simile poems and we have written a class poem together to describe a mystical scene. We hope that you like it.


The Wolf And The Moon

The moon is like a football that has been kicked from outer space.

Like a giant iceberg, it floats in a sea of glowing stars.

The stars are as bright as the Summer sun on a black velvet blanket.

King Wolf howls like thunder at the haunting moon.

As black as a witch’s cat, the terrifying trees attract the mist like creepy magnets.

Hello Year 3! Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely summer and are feeling refreshed and ready to learn.
I am excited to be your new teacher and look forward to teaching you lots of fun lessons. This term will be learning about forces, France, faith and lots of other fantastic things!
I know this will be a great year, but do please let me know if you have any worried throughout the year – I am happy to help!
Miss Whittington – Y3JW


It’s great to be starting another year of teaching with a new class of children. It is a big leap from Year 2 to Year 3 but the children soon become more independent and seem to develop in so many ways. Mr Akram and I are looking forward to working with all the children and helping them on their learning journey over the next school year. We are committed to supporting every child to be the best that they can be and giving them the belief to achieve their goals.
Mr Green Y3



Year 3 Curriculum Overview

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Year 3 PE overview.pdf
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Attendance & Punctuality

School starts at 8:45am

School finishes 3:15pm

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