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Newsletters Summer 2

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Newsletters Summer 1

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Newsletters Spring 2

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Ice, Ice baby!

With the cold weather hitting Sheffield the children had great fun in our outdoor area when they discovered that the water had frozen over night and created ice!  They hunted to see where they could find ice - finding circles of ice in the bottoms of the bowls.  They used spoons and mashers to try and break the ice and compare how big the ice shards were.  There was lots of language used to talk about what the ice looked and felt like.

Parents Information Spring 1

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Christmas Creative Fun with Parents

Many thanks to all the parents who came to our family Christmas creative session.  It was lovelt to see so many of you were able to make ut and join in the fun.  The children and parents made lollypop decorations, threading baubles, Christmas cards, snowmen cruchies were very popular, we painted Christmas trees and printed snowmen to name a few.  We hope you can make our next family creative on February 6th.

Making Snowmen

Parent Information Autumn 2

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Owl Babies

The children have had another busy week.  We have been learning more sounds in our phonics sessions and lots of work to consolidate our counting out sets of objects and matching numbers.  Outside we have been using the hammers and nails using pumpkins.  This is an essential skill before the children move onto using wood with the nails as the children are used to what to do.

The Gruffalo

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have had another fantastic week so well done parents and children!  The role play this week became the 3 bears cottage where teh children were able to retell the Golidlocks story and test out the different sized bowls, chairs and beds.  We have been tipping and pouring porridge oats into different sized bowls, making the 3 bears and Goldilocks using playdough and in the making area.  


Mrs Lloyd made apple and sultana flapjack on Wednesday which had a very mixed reaction some children wanted more others were reluctant to try to begin with.  


We have started daily mental and oral sessions where teh children are taught in three groups.  We have been reinforcing number recognition and counting out sets of objects.


Outside we have been exploring the water trays and using the gutters to connect into the different trays and extend how we could transport water from one tray to another -this was great for co-operative play, sharing resources and lots and lots of talk and problem solving was possible.

Welcome to Foundation!

The children have had a fantastic first week in school -well done!  They have all been really busy finding their way around the classroom and outdoor area as you can see from all the photographs above in the gallery.  They have been playing really well with the different resources and each other.  and Friendships are starting to be made and the children are beginning to get used to a new daily routine.  Dismissing at the end of the day is taking a long time at the moment as staff become more familiar with parents this will get faster. Please be patient and do not call your child's name as we need to ensure the children are kept safe.  


Over the next few weeks we will be introducing more routines to the children and starting our baseline assessments so that we know where each child strengths are to ensure teaching is at the right level for each child.


Don't forget there is a parents meeting on Friday 21st September in the iCT suite (just come to the office) at 2:40pm.  This meeting is to show you what and how the children learn this year.

Parents Newsletters Autumn 1

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Fossil Presentation

We have been learning about Dinosaurs and fossils for the last few weeks.  We found out that Year 3 have been learning about rocks and fossils so we wrote them a letter to see if one of them could come and talk to us.  A week later two girls from Year 3 came to show us a presenation on fossils and information they had found out.  The children listened really well- thanks Y3!

Ribbon Dancing

We discovered some ribbons in the outdoor area today so we have been dancing and moving in a variety of ways using these ribbons.  The long ribbons meant we had to do big swirls and circles with our arms otherwise the ribbon fell onto the ground.

Lowfield Garage Role Play

The children have had great fun in the garage role play the last few days.  They have been using a wealth of language when asking and talking about what is wrong with the car, they have been writing appointments and times down, then thay have worked together to develop a narrative and mend the car.

Autumn 2 Parent Information

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Rumble in the Jungle

PE Fun

Foundation have been having great fun in PE.  This week we set out the climbing frame, benches for balancing and crawling through and the stools so we could get better at jumping off the equipment.  It was great fun and we looked at different ways our bodies can move.

Goldilocks and the three bears

This week we will be looking at the story Goldilocks and the three bears.  We will be making bears in the creative area, painting bears and Goldilocks, retelling the story, looking at comparing the size of bears and counting bears.

First few days...

This children have had a busy few days starting school where they are starting to adapt to being in a new setting with lots of new children.  We have been busy looking at the story of the Gingerbread man .  Activities have included a bakers role play, colouring Gingerbread men, baking Gingerbread men and many more. 


Some of the children have found it difficult to leave parents in a morning but they soon settle and are happy during the day.  It is new for all of them and they will start to make many new friends over the year in Foundation.

Trip to the Butterfly House

We had great fun at the Tropical butterfly house last week.  We saw loads of animals including Butterflies, Parrots, Fish, Snakes, Crocodiles, Meerkats, Lemurs, Chipmunks, Otters and many more.  The children had a minibeast handling session where we held an African Snail, Hissing Cockroach and Stick Insect.  The sun shone all day and we were tired out by the end of the day!

Foundation Good Level Of Development

The children in Foundation are assessed against the Early Learning Goals at the end of this year.  If you were unable to attend the Foundation meeting you can download the powerpoint below.  Please talk to a member of the Foundation team if you need more information.


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Phonics Fun!

The Foundation children had great fun last week playing a new phonic game outside.  They had to read the words written on the balls and then send down the gutter.  Real words went into the bucket with a treasure chest on and made up words went into the bucket with a bin on.  Great fun whilst also making sure the children were blending and segmenting the words.


Pancakes Galore!

The Foundation children made pancakes last week to celebrate and find out about Shrove Tuesday.  The children helped to sieve the flour, crack the eggs and measure and mix in the milk.  We had to whisk it to make the mixture.  Then we watched the pnackes cooking in the pan.  We were able to choose what we wanted on our pancake as a topping but we all agreed they were very yummy!!


Whirlow Farm Trip

The Foundation children were all very excited last week to go on their first school trip to Whirlow Farm.  We spent half a day touring the farm and finding out about the animals and what they eat.  We also went on a woodland adventure walk where we created our own collages by finding natural materials, we saw horses and a badger set on our walk to the woods, we then entered the magical fairy woods where we had to create new houses for the fairies as theirs had blown down in the night.  We also made our own pictures using things we found on our walk.  It was a great but very tiring day!


Spring Family Creative Session

Many thanks to all the parents who came to our Spring term creative session.  There were lots of different activities which the children have been learning about this half term for parents to try.  We made clay rainbow fish, vegetable animals, Chinese lanterns, printing scales on fish and many more.  Parents were also able to look at the children's observation records and comment on them.  These events are really helpful for parents to see what the children have been doing and the progress tehy are making and a chance to ask any questions to staff.

Next half term will be Easter fun.

Chinese New Year

In Foundation we have been learning all about the festival Chinese New Year which some people celebrate.  Our role play was transformed into a Chinese restaurant, we cooked stir fry and noodles which most of us thought was really tasty, we made lanterns and lucky money bags.  In PE we used our dragon head to do a dragon dance to Chinese music.  We then played some team racing games where we had to cross the river just like the animals in the zodiac race story.


Last week we got to have a PE session with a judo teacher.  He taught us how to say stop and go and showed us how to move in different ways like frogs, bearsa and worms.  He taught us how to roll over and stretch in a variety of ways.  It was great fun and showed us some of the ways in which we can move in judo.

Meet A Creature

As part of our half term topic on animals we booked the company 'Meet a creature' to bring along some animals to school to lets us handle and ask questions about snakes, lizards, tortoises etc.  It was a great experience for the children to see some of these animals for the first time and hold them.

Our Budding Artists

We have been trying really hard to develop our artistic skills by mixing powder paint to make different shades of blue.  Soon we realised when we add to add more water if our brushes became stiff and learnt that the more white we added the lighter the colour it made.  Our finished paintings have now been used as our background for our bear pictures - pop in class and have a look at our budding artists!

We used a variety of cold coloured transient art materials like sparkly pipecleaners, bead strings, glass nuggets, snowflakes and cold coloured pom poms to create our own winter pictures.  We are getting much more confident at mixing materials together to create pictures and being quite selective about what we choose to include. 

Family Christmas Creative

Parents and grand parents were invited into school to take part in lots of different Christmas craft fun.  The children had the chance to make Christmas biscuits, bauble threading, salt dough decorations, playdough trees, painting with cotton buds, stained glass windows and counting pom poms onto Christmas trees.


Many thanks to all the parents who came to support this session.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as the staff and children did!



We have been learning how to safely use our hammers, nails and screwdrivers this week.  To begin with we have been using hammers with golf tees on pumpkins and squash so that we could learn how to use the equipment safely.  This week we have been using hammers  with cork boards and wood pieces.


Counting Potions

We have been looking at the story Room on the Broom so have been counting out and making our own potions and spells.  We had to count out the correct number of ingredients or our spell would not work properly - also don't forget to say the magic words.

Gruffalo Crumble

Yellow group helped Mrs Lloyd to make Gruffalo crumble for all of us to try.  They had to chop apples, add blaccurrants and balckberries.  For the topping they had to crumble the flour, sugar and butter together and mix in some porridge oats.  We popped it in the oven then yummy!!!  Next week Flapjack using porridge oats when we do the Goldilocks story.

Superhero Day

To celebrate our last day in F2 we held a superhero day.  We dressed up for the day and in the afternoon we invited parents in to take part in a variety of superhero themed activities.  The favourite for some reason was the superhero ice cream sundaes which we made.  At the end we held a graduation ceremony where everyone received a certificate.  Good luck in Y1 next year!!

Trip to the Butterfly House

We had great fun when we went to the Tropical Butterfly House in Anston.  We saw loads of minibeasts and animals.  We got to hold a cockroach!!  Inside the butterfly house some of the butterflies landed on us - we saw parrots, turtles, fish, bats and scary spiders inside the dark room!  It was a fab day even the rain could not stop us having fun!

Foundation Curriculum 

How my child will be learning

The EYFS Framework explains how and what your child will be learning to support their healthy development.

Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.

Children should develop the 3 prime areas first.  These are:

·         Communication and language;

·         Physical development; and

·         Personal, social and emotional development.

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.

As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:

·         Literacy;

·         Mathematics;

·         Understanding the world; 

·         Expressive arts and design.

These 7 areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities. At Lowfield the staff supporting your child will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs. 

Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

How Parents Can Help

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