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Everyone in school has been spending some time with their classes this week looking at how to keep safe when using the internet at school and home.  There is more information for parents on this page and links about how to ensure your child is safe when using different electronic devices.


Click the link below to find out what CBBC has to say about keeping safe online.

E-Safety Advice for Parents

On Thursday 4th February at 1:30pm in the hall.  Julia Codman, E-safety Project Manager for Sheffield City Council, will present the workshop and will speak about issues such as on-line gaming, social media, mobile phones, Cyber Bullying and preventing young people being led into radicalisation and extremism.  Mrs Khan and Miss Kalthum will be available to translate if needed.

E Safety in class

In the Autumn term each year group spends time talking to the children about e safety and how to keep safe on the internet. 

We read the story of Smartie the Penguin and learnt how he keeps safe when using the internet.  We desined our own E-Safety posters amd learnt Smarties E-Safety song.  We even added our own actions to help us remember it.  Take a look at our E-saftey display in the ICT suite.



Keeping Your Children Safe Online

Top Tips for Parents (from Microsoft): Create a PACT to keep your children safe online

  • Private Information - Teach your children what personal information is and that they shouldn't share it online with people they don’t know. Talk to them about keeping their information and photos private.
  • A Central Place - Keep your PC in an open space where possible to encourage communication with regards to who your children are chatting online and the programmes they are using
  • Communication - Talk to your children about who they are chatting to online in the same way you would talk about their real world friend. Discuss their list of contacts and check they know all those they have accepted as friends.
  • Teach Yourself - Consider using the same technology so you can understand how it works

The NSPCC have produced a guide for parents to mkae parents more aware of keeping your children safe on using social networking sites.  Remember the advice is that children do not have a facebook or instagram account until they are 13.  To stay up to date and keep your child safe in todays digital world go to http://www.net-aware.org.uk/


Utilise Parental Controls where available. (Information on Parental Controls for Microsoft products can be found at www.microsoft.com/protect/family. These can allow you to control the amount of time your children are online, the sites they can access and the people they can talk to. These are available for many products including Windows 7, Vista, Xbox and Live.


The following show how to keep your child safe on the internet and other forms of ICT.

Keeping safe on Minecraft http://parentinfo.org/article/staying-safe-on-minecraft

Understand video game age ratings http://parentinfo.org/article/understanding-video-game-ratings


To find out about keeping your children safe on different devices click on the links and documents below.

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