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Additional Support


Support for Bilingual and Ethnic Minority Pupils


The school has long standing experience of offering good quality multi-cultural education. Our bilingual pupils are supported by our English as an Additional Language (EAL) team who work in partnership with class teachers across the curriculum to help children to acquire English and achieve their full potential.


Bilingual staff are available, outside the teaching day (08:45am - 3:15pm), to meet with parents and visitors and translate for parents in meetings with the Headteacher and teaching staff.

Special Educational Needs


We are an inclusive school and children who have Special Educational Needs are well catered for within our provision.


Sometimes children may experience difficulties in learning or behaviour. If this is the case we talk to parents about how best to overcome the difficulties and often develop individual programmes of work. We also work closely with the Learning Support Service (specialist teachers provided by the LEA) and the Educational Psychologist. If the school wishes to consult with either of these services about a child, the matter would be discussed first with the parent.


All progress of pupils with Special Educational Needs will be maintained through regular review meetings.


Our Learning Mentor also works with children experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.


 Child Protection and Safeguarding


The Headteacher is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school.  The Learning Mentor and Assistant headteachers are all Deputy designated Safe Guarding Leads.  They regularly attend courses, work closely with support services and receive information regarding Child protection issues.


The law requires Headteachers to report any obvious or suspected cases of child abuse. This includes non-accidental injury, physical neglect, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. These procedures are intended to protect children at risk. The Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead has to carry out this delicate responsibility. We hope that parents accept that any actions taken are done so in the best interest of the child. This applies whether any reported case proves to be founded or unfounded.


We can assure you that all actions are in the strictest confidence and will follow the procedures required by the 1989 Children Act.


Our Most Able pupils


Children who demonstrate a higher ability than that expected of their age group, or a particular talent, are quickly identified by staff through observation and assessment. Once identified these pupils are provided with learning opportunities that are tailored to their needs in order to develop and extend their abilities further and to enable then to reach their full potential.


Staff Development


All our staff are highly skilled professionals committed to delivering the best possible learning experience for our pupils. The school has three curriculum teams, each led by  senior member of staff. Each team is responsible for a number of curriculum areas and ensures that each is correctly resourced, planned for and taught across the school. All our staff have access to high quality in-service training in order that they can continue to extend and develop their professional expertise.


Transfer to Secondary School


At the end of their Y6 year, pupils transfer to a variety of secondary schools in Sheffield. At the end of your child’s Y5 year, you will receive an application form from the LEA. You are entitled to express up to 3 preference schools. Your child will have highest priority for the catchment school closest to your home address.  You must indicate 3 preference schools!

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