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Covid Notice


During the current pandemic, it is vital that everyone follows government guidance to minimise the spread of Covid. Today we received information from the Local Authority raising concerns that some people are not doing this and are therefore putting us all at greater risk of contracting the virus. They have asked that pass on the following instructions:


  • Remind all parents, carers and pupils that if anyone has symptoms. They must self-isolate, get a test and return home straight after the test. The household should self-isolate and children and young people should not come into school. This follows an increasing number of pupils who are coming into school when they are awaiting a test result themselves or have family members whom they live with awaiting test results.


  • Remind parents/carers (particularly those in primary settings) that the ‘class bubbles’ do not mean that children and young people can continue to meet up outside of school. Play dates and sleepovers with children from the same friendship groups or school classes should not be taking place. The bubbles in school are to support contact tracing and to minimise risk of virus transmission. Outside of school, pupils should not be mixing. This follows the current national restrictions that are currently in place.


Thank you for your continued support during the current crisis. We need to all work together to make sure that we all keep one another safe.


Yours faithfully,



Christopher Holder


Covid Notice


Thank you for all that you are doing to keep your family and friends safe. We all know how
important school is for our children – for their education and for their emotional wellbeing. I
want to reassure you that we are working closely with early years settings, schools and
colleges/universities to help make them as safe as possible for pupils/students and staff.
As we go into a second lockdown I understand you may be worried. Levels of Covid-19 are
high across the city, so we are seeing cases in people who are also part of early
years/school communities (pupils, students, parents/carers and staff). However, we review
cases every day and the majority of people who receive a positive Covid-19 test result in
Sheffield get the virus in their household or community and not from within the early years
/school setting. That’s why we want to say thank you to everyone who does not go into
school when either they have symptoms or are waiting for the results of a test or have been
asked to self isolate. You are helping to protect your community.

What can you do to reduce Covid-19 in your community

Got Symptoms?
• a high temperature
• a new, continuous cough
• a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

If you have any of these symptoms, however mild, you must stay home and book a free
test via our easy, accessible tests centres here in Sheffield. Most test results are now
coming back within 24 hours.

You can book a test by calling 119 or online at

See our ‘Quick Guide for Parents’ self isolation guide, attached, to help you. Also for further
information on the help and support available to you, please go to:

Finally, I’d really like to thank you. We did slow and reduce the spread of the virus in
Sheffield before the summer by taking these simple steps. We need to do this again now by
following the restrictions. This will then allow us all to get back to enjoying more activities
and time with our friends and families.

Staggered Start Times



Remember there is currently no breakfast club running at school.

Please see below for the staggered start and end times.

8:45am - 2.45pm for F2

8:20am - 3:05pm for Y1

8:30am - 3:15pm for Y2 & Y3

8:30am - 3:15pm for Y4

8:40am - 3:25pm for Y5 & Y6