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Book Fair news

Many thanks to everyone who came to shop at the Scholastic book fair.  We sold £326.44 in books which means we got to choose £100 in books for the school library whis is fantastic news for us.  Pop into the library and see what you can read next.  The next fair will be in April where all books are half price so keep on reading those books and growing your minds!!

Scholastic Book Fair

It will be our Scholastic Book Fair in school from 18th to the 21st November during breakfast club and after school in the hall.  Pop along and grab a bargain lots of new books to choose from.

World Book Day

Highfield Library

Why not pop up to Highfield library where you can borrow many books to read at home for free.  They have a great selection of different books for you to choose from.  These events are happening soon.

Highfield Library & Children’s Centre

London Road


S2 4NF


Opening hours:

  • Monday – 12.30pm to 6.30pm
  • Tuesday – 10.00am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday – 10.00am to 5.30pm
  • Thursday - closed
  • Friday -10.00am to 2.00pm
  • Saturday – 10.00am to 4.00pm
  • Sunday – closed

0114 20 37204 / 29 30018



Key Stage 1 Parent Reading Mornings

We are always working on ways to improve and encourage reading at school in order for our children to improve their reading and develop a love of books.  We would like to invite parents into class from 8:30 in a morning to read with their child.  Year 2 reading mornings will be every Thursday morning. Year 1 reading morning will be every Friday.  We hope to see you there and that you can encourage your child with their reading.

Scholastic Book Fair

Thanks to everyone who came to our book fair we have managed to get £180 to spend on books for the classrooms and school library. 

Come to our school book fair on 19th until 22nd November to grab yourself a book bargain!  There will be many new book titles to choose from including the new Tom Gates and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.books 

World Book Day 


World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March Lowfield will once again be celebrating World Book Day.  The children will be receiving a £1 book token which they can take to bookshops and use to get £1 off a book or buy one of the special £1 World Book Day books.  These books are shown below.



Some of Our First Golden Ticket Winners



New Home Reading Displays

Home reading displays have been popping up across school this September to track children's home reading and reward them for their great efforts.  For every 25 times the children read at home they will receive a 'Golden ticket' from their teacher which they can then bring to the Friday book sale to claim their FREE book to KEEP!!


Year 2 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Display


Year 1 Reading Display 


Reading @ Lowfield

At Lowfield we believe in providing quality books for the children to read.  We use a range of different reading schemes so that the children don't become too familiar with one particular style.  Children need to read a range of genre so we have fiction and non fiction books in order to develop a range of reading skills.


We are often asked about Book Bands. The image below shows the colours or "bands" that books are grouped in at. Broadly speaking, children in Foundation 2 will start on Book Band 1, and gradually work through the Book Bands as they progress through school. Some children will move through the bands more quickly than others, but a Book Band 11 (Lime) usually indicates that your child is independent at reading.

It is our aim to develop enthusiastic and confident readers who can understand a wide range of texts. Children read for interest, information and enjoyment. Reading is an empowering life skill so at Lowfield our commitment is to give children the best start and develop a love of books and reading for pleasure.


Specific Aims
Children will:
• Develop the ability to read aloud fluently and with expression;
• Develop the ability to read for meaning;
• Develop the skills required for the critical reading of texts;
• Be encouraged to read a wide range of fiction, poetry and non-fiction materials;
• Be taught a full range of cueing strategies for reading including:
• Phonics (sounding the letters and blending them together) and visual (whole word recognition with known words);
• Contextual (use of picture and background knowledge including knowledge of the world);
• Grammatical (which words make sense following standard English grammar);
• Be taught thesemethods during shared and guided reading.
• Gain awareness of the close links between reading and writing activities.

Our approach to teaching Reading
The teaching of reading at Lowfield comprises the following elements:
• Home reading
• Guided reading
• Phonics- daily within FS2 and KS1 for all children and then as appropriate for children not yet achieving the expected level at KS 2.
• Modelled and shared reading within literacy sessions
• Individual reading when appropriate
• Story time
• Activities to support comprehension within reading.
• The provision of a quality reading environment

All of these aspects are linked to book band levels, phonics phases and learning intentions appropriate to the child’s current level of ability, with a focus on age related expectations and beyond. The content of our reading curriculum is led by the new curriculum and assessment grids.

New Guided Reading Books

We have been asking the children what books they would like to be reading in school in order to make sure that all of our children are developing a love of reading and improving their reading attainment.  As a result we have ordered guided reading sets of books like Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy kid, Goosebumps, Marvel superheroes, Lego Star Wars to name a few. 


Book Fair

We had another very successful book fair where we managed to sell £458.20 of books.  The children were able to show us which books they are interested in reading so we will be spending the £183 in commission on purchasing some interesting guided reading books for the children based on what they have asked for.


If you missed the chance to come you can still order books online, or in the next pamphlet.


We will be holding a half price book fair in the Spring term - we hope to see you there!


Key Stage 2

We have invested a lot of money in updating our stock of KS2 class and home reading books.  The books are desgined to appeal to reluctant readers especially targeting what boys are interested in reading.  We continually strive to improve our reading material in school in order to engage all of our children no matter what.


Summer Reading Challenge

Keep reading over the summer and join in the library reading challenge at your local library.  The librarian came to do an assembly on Monday 22nd June to tell us about the summer reading challenge which is called Record Breakers this year.


Highfield library are holding many events over teh Summer for families to be involved in.  Information and dates are on the document below.  Some activities need to be booked in advance.


Highfield Library Summer events
Adobe Acrobat document [380.6 KB]

Caryl Hart Award Winning Author Visit


On Monday 11th May Key Stage 1 children are going to have the opportunity of meeting the award winning author Caryl Hart.  Caryl is a well known author who has written a variety of different picture books, she often visits schools to share her love and enthusiasm for reading and writing. We have been sharing her books with the children over the last few weeks and they are very excited about the prospect of meeting a published author who we hope will be inspirational for them.


During the day she will be working with all the children in Key Stage 1.  She plans to do an assembly with us all to introduce herself and her books and then she will be working in each class to meet with the children and complete different literacy activities throughout the day based around her books.


We would like to invite parents to an assembly at the end of the day to see the work which we  have been doing in class with Caryl.  We hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you on Monday 11th May at 2:30 in the hall.


Caryl will have some of her books on sale at the end of the day if anyone is interested in purchasing any of her books which will be personally signed.

Half Price Book Fair

Come along to our half price book fair which will be in the hall during breakfast club and after school.  All books will be half price!!  The book fair will run from 20th to the 23rd April.

To be in with a chance of winning a £5 book voucher to spend at the book fair we will be holding a competition.  Draw a picture of your favourite book and tell us why it is your favourite book.  We have five £5 vouchers to give away and entries will be displayed in the school library. Entries in to Mrs Hitchens by 21st April.

We took an amazing £1008 at the books fair this time with books whizzing off the shelves in every direction.  Staff took advantage of the offer to restock their reading areas in classrooms.

Reading Champions

As another incentive to encourage every child at Lowfield to become fluent and confident readers and develop a lifelong love of books.  At the end of each half term every teacher will now choose one reading champion from each class in school.  They may be chosen as they have read everyday at home or they have made good progress with reading.  As a reward the reading champion  will be able to choose a reading book as a reward for their hard work.

Foyle Foundation Library Grant

Lowfield has been successful in a grant application to help develop our school library.  We have been awarded £7,500 to spend on books for the school libarary which will make a massive difference to the amount and quality of books we have in school.  Our aim is to get every child in school to develop a love of reading and become fluent and confident readers.  Keep checking the website for updates on our spending.

The Year 6 librarians are very excited by this news and have been asking all the children in each year group which books they like to read at home and have in school.  They are looking forward to spending the money.

World Book Day March 5th

Lowfield Primary School will be celebrating World Book Day on March 5th.  To find out more about World Book Day and the special £1 books on sale click on the icon.


Which book will you read today?

The children (and staff) had great fun dressing up as different book characters for the day.  Mr Green found that going through doors as the Pied Piper without losing his rats was rather tricky.  All classes took part in book related activities for the day.  Then all staff swapped classes to read a story of their choice to a different year group in school.

Prizes of a book were given to  a child from each class with an overall key stage winner receiving a £5 book token.  We had two assemblies to celebrate book day and KS1 invited in parents to share in our book related activities.

We can't wait for next year!

Celebrating Reading @ Lowfield

Teaching a child to read is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Seeing a child’s gradual realisation that all these peculiar letter combinations and collected words link together to make sense is so exciting. Watching a child looking at a picture and identifying the corresponding words below is mesmerising. Seeing a child creating their own imaginary story when opening a book for the first time, unable to read the text but wanting to mimic reading because they know that’s what you should do with a book, is delightful. Listening to a child decoding, decrypting, inferring, deciphering, guessing new words in the context of what they have already read and learned is fascinating.

Reading News

Keep up to date with our reading newsletters at Lowfield - find out what we have been doing to continue to improve reading through school and develop a love of books.

reading news Autumn 2.pdf
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Reading news Summer 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [107.2 KB]
Reading news Spring 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [73.7 KB]
Reading news Spring 1.pdf
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Reading news Autumn.pdf
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Book Fair Success

A massive thankyou to everyone who came to our Scholastic book fair this week.  We sold £450 of books which gives us £179.72 to spend on books for the School library.  We hope your children will enjoy reading their new books.

Reading News

We have some fantastic news about reading at Lowfield.  We have just spent £3000 on updating our guided reading and home reading books.  Our aim is to inspire and motivate children to want to read at home and school.

Book Launch

We invited parents into school on Novemeber 6th to take part in reading with their children and see our new and exciting home reading books.  The children were very excited to see and read our new books and are looking forward to taking them home.

Home Reading Booklets

We have created the following home reading booklets for the different book band levels to help parents support their child's reading.  Each leaflet gives tips on the strategies your child should be using at that particular book band level and questions you can ask to support their reading.

Lowfield Pink and Red Book Band.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [335.0 KB]
Lowfield Yellow Blue and Green Book Band[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [336.3 KB]
Lowfield Orange Turquoise and Purple Boo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [337.8 KB]
Lowfield Gold White and Lime Book Band.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [337.1 KB]

Lowfield Reading Zoo

In Key Stage 1 for reading we are introducing the Lowfield reading zoo to the children.  Each charcacter links to a skill which the children can use in their reading when they come to an unknown word.  For example Eagle Eye teaches the children to use the pictures to help them.  See below for the charcaters on the downloadable help sheet.  We are sure the children will begin to tell you about them soon.

lowfield reading zoo.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [136.4 KB]

Links to Learning Websites

Magic Key Reading
Story Maker
Oxford Owl
My Online Reading
BBC Bitesize Key stage 1
BBC Bitesize Key stage 2
Information on Sheaf Learning Trust.pdf
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Attendance & Punctuality

School starts at 8:45am

School finishes 3:15pm

School Holidays

Term Dates 2019-2020
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