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Halle Orchestra

In March, all of our Key Stage 2 pupils from Y3 to Y6 visited the City Hall to hear a concert by the world-famous Hallé Orchestra.  Many of our Y5s and Y6s remembered the visit we made two years ago, and were very excited to be returning to see this performance, entitled ‘Conflict and Resolution’ – this marked the centenary of the end of the First World War.  Over 250 children and staff made their way on foot to this exciting event – luckily, the weather was fine!

The music was a mixture of classical pieces, film scores and even some songs from WW1, which the children had learned before the day in Singing Assemblies.  As well as the amazing music, there were scratch ‘n’ sniff cards, adding an extra dimension to the experience!  The music was first-rate and the children, particularly the Y3s and Y4s, were really inspired by the venue.

On our walk there and back, we were escorted by two PCSOs, who ensured we were safe when crossing the roads.  The long walk was well worth it, though, and we’re sure to return to a future concert. 

Fossil Presentation

Foundation have been learning about dinosaurs when we found out Year 3 have been finding out about fossils.  We wrote them a letter to see if abyone could come and tell us some information.  A week later two Year 3 girls came and gave us a presentation on fossils and infomation they had written.  It was really good.  Thanks Y3.

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Science Day

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Samba Day

Brazilian Samba workshops, F2 and Key Stage 1

In the summer term, children from F2 and KS1 classes enjoyed a day of Brazilian Samba workshops, run by local company Louder Than Life (LtL).  The workshops were expertly led by Dan from LtL, who made sure that everyone, including teachers, had a great time playing a variety of Samba instruments.  It did get quite loud at times, but everyone had lots of fun!

At the end of the day, Y2 children put on a short performance for parents, showing off what they had learned. 

Key Stage 2 Visit Sheffield City Hall

Hallé Orchestra visit, Key Stage 2

At the end of March, all of the pupils and staff in Key Stage 2 visited Sheffield City Hall to see the world-famous Hallé Orchestra perform.  It was quite a sight seeing over 200 children walking into the city centre (with help from our local Community Support Officers)! 

At the City Hall, we joined lots of other children from Sheffield in the audience.  The children loved the concert and were able to take part by singing a song we had learned especially for the occasion.  All of the music fit the theme ‘Made in the British Isles’, and the programme included a real mixture of styles – something for everyone.  After a picnic lunch in the sunshine, we made our way back to school and had ‘Assembly’ on the playground, followed by Golden Time.

I’m sure children and staff will remember the day for a long time to come!

Key Stage 2 Science Day

On Wednesday 24th May we held our annual KS2 Science Day. The aim of the day was for all pupils to take part in a wide variety of fun and exciting science experiments.

Investigations focused on a huge range of concepts including forces, chemistry, sound, electricity and healthy eating. The day was a big success with many pupils commenting how much they enjoyed the hands-on experiments. Well done to all those who took part!

Year 1 Art

These girls, now in Y2, stand proudly before the beautiful pictures they produced in Y1.
Staff were so impressed by the work (Wax Flowers), that it was printed onto canvas and now hangs in a stately manner on the staff staircase.

Year 6 Egyptian Masks


The school garden plays an important role in our school where the children can experience first hand and learn about growing plants from seeds and bulbs.  We are able to then cook with the ingredients and learn about where food comes from.


We now have a lunch time Year 2 gardening club who have been working hard planting different vegetables and plants around school.  We have just received our Level 3 school gardening award from the Royal Horticultural Society which will entitle us to a £150 worth of plug plants.

Steel Men Sculptures

Poetry Day - David Harmer

In April we invited the poet David Harmer into school to work with all year groups.  It was a very exciting day starting with a hilarious assembly where David read his poems and all the children joined in.  David then worked with each year group to read poems and help create a poem together.  It was a great day!

Rocket Seeds Experiment

Year 1 Children have been taking part in the RHS Space Seeds experiment.  This was a national experiemnt which Lowfield was very excited to be a part of and to see what would happen to the space seeds.


We believe in giving our children lots of opportunities through having visitors into school and trips to give meaning to their work and a valuable opportunity to experience things first hand.  This year visits have included trips to the Botanical garden, Bolsover Castle, Thornbridge, Graves Park, Butterfly house, Eyam, Hathersage and many many more.

Science Day

The whole school took part in a Science day where we made rocket mice which were launched using different plastic bottles.  We had to measure how far they would launch into the air.

Is it waterproof?

Year 2 children have been testing a variety of different materials to see which ones were waterproof or not.  They thought about how they could carry out this experiment and then they worked in small groups to test the different materials.

Meet a Creature

Foundation children have been learning about animals as part of their current topic.  We invited in the 'meet a creature' company where we got to see and handle snakes, lizards, African snails, rabbits and even a tortoise.  It was great fun and we learnt about what these creatures eat.  It was a bit scary for some of us to begin with but we were very brave!

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