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Lowfield Maths Step Booklet

You can download the Lowfield step booklet in order to help your child at home.  It also shows you what your child is learning in maths in each year group and expectations for the end of the year. 

Travel the World to Collect Your Lowfield Maths Passport

Click on your Year group and see if you can complete the maths challenges.

Travel Around The World To Collect Your Maths Passport
Foundation 2 -Europe
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Year 1 - Asia
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Year 2 Africa.PNG
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Year 3 Australasia.PNG
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Year 4 North America.PNG
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Year 5 South America.PNG
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Year 6 Globetrotters.PNG
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How can parents help?

The input that you as parents have is invaluable. Times tables, money and time telling are all life skills that have a direct link to the work we do in school. Children often find these elements of maths difficult and so ‘real’ situations at home can help improve their maths skills.



KS1 Family Maths Event

We had a very well attended family maths event on the 13th November.  We had a variety of different maths activities for the children to play with their parents and allow us to show parents how they can help with maths at home.


Key Stage 1 Parent's Maths Meeting

Below is some information on how we teach maths in KS1 and ideas of how you can help at home.

Parents Maths Meeting.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [139.4 KB]

Lowfield Calculation Policy

Lowfield has developed its own calculation policy for each year group to show what areas should be covered in maths.  It shows the different methods teachers will use with the children in class.  Each area links with the new National Curriculum and shows techniques for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Y1 Calculation Policy
Calculation Policy Y1.pdf
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Calculation Policy Y2.pdf
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Calculation Policy Y3.pdf
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Calculation Policy Y4.pdf
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Calculation Policy Y5.pdf
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Calculation Policy Y6.pdf
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Links to Learning Websites

Number twins
100 Square Splat
Maths Brain
ict games
BBC Bitesize Key stage 1
BBC Bitesize Key stage 2
Information on Sheaf Learning Trust.pdf
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Attendance & Punctuality

School starts at 8:45am

School finishes 3:15pm

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School Holidays

Term Dates 2019-2020
school holidays.pdf
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