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The curriculum is effectively what we do in school. It consists of our aims, schemes and programmes of work to help your child to learn and to deliver the National Curriculum at the appropriate level for each year group. From September 2014 a revised national curriculum has come into force.


Teachers use the curriculum documents to map out the areas of learning for the academic year, in a Year Overview, developing learning experiences that are appropriate, relevant and engaging for our pupils.
Each half term teachers develop Half Term Plans that give more detail to the learning and then finally these plans are translated into highly detailed and specific weekly plans for each subject area. At all stages planning is closely monitored to ensure that lessons are personalised to meet the individual learning needs of all our pupils. We recognise the continuing importance of subjects and essential knowledge, skills and understanding they represent.
Our curriculum focuses on the key subject knowledge and the essential skills pupils need to develop in that subject in each year group. We focus on curriculum progression – Each subject document lays out the progression of learning and skills in its subject area. Staff and pupils are therefore aware of how their learning links into the subject as a whole across the school.
We have strengthened the teaching and learning of computing in recent years.  The computing curriculum develops pupils skills in this subject whilst providing opportunities to use and apply their computing knowledge and skills in other subject areas.

Our curriculum clearly sets out exactly what skills and knowledge need to be addressed within each subject, in each year to ensure complete coverage. However, in developing their Year Overviews, staff have developed links between different subject areas to produce a more thematic and holistic approach to their delivery of the curriculum. We have a clear focus on key Literacy and Numeracy skills – Through the development of Year Overviews staff have developed links to, and embed other subject areas within, different aspects of Literacy and Numeracy in order to enhance pupils ability in theses key areas of learning. We develop essentials for learning and life – The concept of using and applying skills in everyday contexts is at the heart of our curriculum.
As we continue to develop our  curriculum, staff will ensure that the application of knowledge and skills is embedded within learning across the whole school curriculum. Continued development of the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme and the further development of essential learning skills  and British Values will further support social development and wider learning.

Year Group Curriculum Overview

From September 2014 a revised national curriculum has come into force. 


For further information on how we organise our curriculum, scroll down.

Foundation Stage LTP 16-17 FINAL.pdf
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Year Overview Y1 2016-2017.pdf
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Year 2 Overview 2016 2017.pdf
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Overview Y3 2016-2017 _1_.pdf
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Year 4 Overview for Academic Year 2016 -[...]
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Y5 Overview 16 17.pdf
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Year 6 Writing and foundation Overview 2[...]
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Y6 maths year overview 2016-2017.pdf
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Year plan 16 17 RHW science and RE _1_.p[...]
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At Lowfield Primary School we have developed a new broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriate for and meets the needs of our pupils.  Documents, one for each curriculum subject area, outline the knowledge and skills that have to be covered during Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Teacher consider how they can best deliver the required knowledge and skills for their year groupin ways which are stimulating, engaging and relevant to their pupils; making best use of links between curriculum areas wherever possible.  When planning, in all subject areas, teachers focus on the skills that are being taught in their year group and that these are the most important factor and not the content that is used to deliver those skills. 

Out and About

We are committed to providing the broadest learning experiences for our children. With this in mind we aim to ensure our children have a good programme of activities outside the school, including art, music, drama and sport.

On some occasions we do need your help to meet the cost of travel and charges for admission. Voluntary contributions will be asked for, although no child will miss out because their parents are unable or unwilling to contribute voluntarily towards the cost.

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School finishes 3:15pm

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